Talon Protection is proud to provide security solutions to help our customers have the peace of mind they deserve and to secure the things that matter most to them, their home and family. Today's security systems are engineered to be more than just alarms, they act as a portal to access and control nearly everything inside your home. Whether its the convenience of our 2-way voice service or new technology like mobile control apps or security cameras, you'll know what's going on inside your home, whether you are there or not.


Every home should be equipped with three lines of defense against potential threats. The first line is made up of exterior deterrents like Yard Signs and Window Stickers. These should repel the majority of intruders simply by announcing the property is protected by a monitored home security system. The second line of defense covers the perimeter with door and window sensors or glass break detectors. If an intruder attempts to enter through one of these protected areas, the sensor will send a signal to the panel, setting off the alarm. The third line of defense covers the interior with devices like motion sensors or image sensors. If someone is able to get past perimeter defenses without triggering the alarm, the infrared heat detection of these interior sensors will catch them.


If your alarm is tripped, it will send an immediate signal to the panel, sounding the alarm. This piercing siren should not only disrupt and scare the intruder, but may alert neighbors to the situation. At the same time the system will send a message to the monitoring station using the landline connection or a cellular card built into the panel. At that point, the Monitoring Agents will activate the panel's built in speaker and demand identification by the intruder, and will listen for movement, struggles or breaking glass using the built in mic. The agents are trained to listen for sounds that indicate an actual emergency and report this information in real time to the authorities, dramatically improving emergency response time.


We don't just provide security solutions, though. Many of our customers invest in extra sensors that give them even more knowledge over what goes on in their home, like medical pendants, carbon monoxide detectors, or smoke and fire detectors. Flood sensors could stop a broken water heater from flooding a basement, and freeze sensors can alert you to conditions that might burst the pipes under your home. Add to these the energy saving capabilities of a power saving thermostat and you'll truly have a security solution that provides peace of mind at every point.


We understand that a system you forget to arm will not secure your home. That's why we encourage everyone to make a habit of arming their system as often as possible. Whether you are leaving for work in the morning, going to bed at night, or just staying home during the day, keeping the system armed and activated allows us to monitor and protect you, but you need to do your part so we can do ours. To make this responsibility even easier we have user-friendly control options, like the keychain remote or the popular Touchscreen Keypad. Whether you choose to arm your system from the panel itself, or from an app on your smartphone, you'll have complete control over how, where, and when you activate your system.

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